Project Manager

2021/11/13 Shenzhen 5 8-15K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the project development process, have experience in product development and management of mobile computer, industrial tablet or RFID terminals;Possess the ability to manage the whole process of project development, and have a deep understanding of project planning, process control, budget control, risk management, etc.;

2. Familiar with software, hardware, structural design, testing and manufacturing issues in the product development process;

3.Responsible for coordinating communication and collaboration between project members and various departments, ensuring timely and accurate information exchange, coordinating company resources to promote project progress, and urging R&D and production related personnel to complete R&D and production tasks as planned;

4. Responsible for organizing project meetings, outputting meeting minutes, and regularly summarizing and reporting on projects;

5. Issue tracking and support for client project feedback, serve customers and maintain a good cooperative relationship with customers.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above; have more than 2 consecutive years of project management experience in brand companies; master project management software and commonly used office software;

2. Good planning and execution ability, coordination ability and strong logical thinking ability and understanding;

3. Be proactive, have team awareness, have a high sense of responsibility, and be able to withstand strong work pressure.

4. Electronics, computer, mechanical design and other related majors, CET-4 or above;

5. Experience in product structure design, software and hardware development is preferred.

Oversea Salesman

2021/09/13 Shenzhen 3 5-15k


1. Promotion and sales of mobile smart handheld terminal products;

2. Independently explore overseas markets and foreign corporate clients;

3. Effective use of company resources to develop major projects;

4. Maintain customer relationship and deal with customer needs.

job requirements:

1. More than 3 years experience in overseas market development or foreign enterprise development;

2. Experience in large project and channel management;

3. Have good English communication skills;

4. Optimistic and positive, with impetus for major events.

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